Saturday, October 10, 2009

With Honour Veiled

Yoshitsune is a young samurai visiting Edo, never dreaming that the streets of the capitol are also home to supernatural beings straight out of myth. After being wounded by bandits, he is nursed back to health by Tomiko, a Tengu. Both soon become entangled in a centuries-old plot by the villianous Naga, who are scheming to overthrow the Shogunate. The two unlikely heroes flee the city in search of allies, with Naga agents in close pursuit.

Chthonian Dragons


The rise of a new cult dedicated the Dark Mother is sweeping the countryside. Baroness Carolinka worries about the Cult, and worries about her neighbouring Baron even more.

Two brave adventurers, Mikel and Franz, are sent to investigate the spreading cult. Once they reach the norther villages, however, they soon discover that there are far worse things in the night. Hellish dragons like nothing ever seen are loose in the world and a young mage might be the only capable of stopping their spread.

This fantasy novel takes the horror of Aliens and blends it into a fantasy setting.

Reap What You Sow

Centuries ago, the Empire of Salidaraselom overthrew the Elven Kingdoms and established the rule of men. Elves became slaves and persecution sent many into exile. Time passes and now the empire’s borders have been overrun by the Keli’cairn Horde and civilization is falling into chaos.

Within the capitol, a group of alchemists and sorcerers conduct desperate experiments in a last desperate attempt to find some weapon with which to save the crumbling empire. But, as riots sweep through the city and the Imperial Court seethes with schemes, thoughts turn more to escape and thoughts of sanctuary beyond the Horde’s reach. A lost Elven Kingdom known as Solace.

ISBN 978-0-557-103966-

been writing since my teens, and got my start writing fanfiction for Star Wars and TransFormers.

Since then, I've moved to serious writing in the science fiction and fantasy genres. My tastes tend towards the space opera styles of Babylon 5 and Star Wars.

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When I'm not chained to my computer writing as fast as the voices in my head keep speaking, I help my partner build handcrafted rocking chairs. All right, I don't build them--though I do paint or stain sometimes--but I do make quilts and tote bags as well as handling the administrative portion of the business. Please visit and let us Rock Your World!